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Join with friends on an adventure! Join and adventure trips in order to have a great experience
- The loading of comrades to conquer the most difficult dungeons.Golf Island
- Collect attractive rewards when alongside comrades.

Come meet Finn, Jake and your favorite characters in the film in the world Adventure Time Dungeon Link! Age of War 
Up strategy game!
- Fight against ferocious monsters by connecting the simple gameplay.

- Launched the rushing attack to conquer the battlefield.
- Use special attacks of each hero to master the game.
Emperor and Princess Lulu tape was Andras, Evil Spirit of Kanterbury arrest. Finn and Jake need your help to free them from the clutches of Andras and her minions!

Collect & Conquer!

-         Age of War 6     Move over 250 hero's grave, along with Finn, Jake, Marceline and lovable characters of Adventure Time to set up the invincible army!
- Training and strengthening for the heroes to traveling through the land of Kanterbury.

Discover new characters and other brave heroes in challenging journey!

Open path to glory with extreme RPG puzzle game Dungeon Link!

Embarks on adventures with Finn & Jake's amazing!

- Defeat powerful rival, Finn and Jake rescue the Emperor and Princess Lulu Wang!
- Discover the new Adventure Time characters in his journey.

Dungeon Link

By : Regina Hilary
Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Whale is one of the fish size is very terrible, but they are very lovely and always helping people. You also want to play along with these whales go together in the same application to play golf with this cute whale  Sky Charms

Have you ever played golf on a whale, hit a hole-in-one in outer space, or seeing a pirate ship penguins?  

  AGE OF WAR 5 Meet lovely caddy, a tropical toucan, polar bear bear skiing and an ink-friendly spaces in the craziest golf game ever made.

Have you ever gone through the field like this! Welcome to Golf Island, from the makers of Flick Golf!
Join Terry Toucan on a golf adventure with tropical islands, mountain cherry ice cream stand, dancing trees, and a giant pineapple.

Golf Island Features: AGE OF WAR 6
• Fun gameplay and superb ball control
• Play golf in beautiful fantasy worlds
• Meet cute caddy characters
• Customize your balls
• Play with your friends
• Boosts, prizes and free gifts galore
• Dancing trees, UFO hazards, fishing penguins, jammy bunkers and many more incredible sights!

Golf Island

By : Regina Hilary
Monday, May 30, 2016
Charmy lands with many interesting things. A magical world with many interesting things, but hidden in a lot of dangers that you along with your Friends to fight out-there'll dau.Nhung see many obstacles in your way! Super Awesome RPG

Bring the beauty and harmony back to the world of magical creatures and keep floating island in the sky by connecting charming little country and pave the way for the magic.

Main function :
* Enjoy a delicious combination of graphics and other world!
* Charm your way through the never ending fun with hundreds of unique levels!
* Help mythical creatures restore a world of wonders
* Connect three or more of the same color charms and see what happens!
* Stay entertained with multiple game modes! Age of War 

* While fun and easy to learn, it’s challenging and extremely addicting
* Compete with your friends to see who can get the best score and save more islands
* Play the game on multiple devices by simply syncing and saving your progress
Please note! Sky Charms is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. Age of War 6 

Sky Charms

By : Regina Hilary
Thursday, May 19, 2016
Super game is a fun and exciting games now and are currently the hottest day with thousands of downloads and clicks let's play with your friends and enjoy the game yet. Fishdom: Deep Dive

Super Mario RPG battle system is a CCG-style anime-themed specially designed to play on the go.

   Age of War     It provides a twist to the genre with a CCG-RPG gameplay including action from the device to your heroes wear, and execute attacks are carried out through a scratch card as muscle tactics gas.

Follow the adventures of Greg Paladin and his friends in their quest for fame, wealth, and super awesomeness of battling hordes of undead soldiers, kobolds treacherous bounty hunter estate major, dangerous dragon - and more - through a token-flipping strategy creation system. 

Super Awesome RPG

By : Regina Hilary
Wednesday, May 18, 2016

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