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How to play this exciting game
This is a free online game from Flonga. On the main menu, you will see the "new game", "Faith" and "many games". You can go ahead and click on "New Game"; it will direct you to a screen that says Round: Group A, Group B, Group C and D.

Divided into the following groups
Group A includes: Angola, Argentina, Australia, Germany, Jordan and Serbia.
Group B consists of: Brazil, Croatia, Iran, Slovenia, Tunisia and the United States.
Group C includes: China, Cote d'Ivoire, Greece, Puerto Rico, Russia and Turkey
Group D consists of: Canada, Spain, France, Lebanon, Lithuania and New Zealand.
You can select any country from any group, but to remind you that the different groups have different challenges to their ball. Once you have selected a team click on National Team, and then click "Select team and PLAY" forward "Next Game".
After the countdown, the game will start. Each team is shot in turn. With the use of your mouse to aim the ball in position to shoot ball basketball ring. The blue dot like ring will serve as your guide whether your ball is going to shoot or miss. Points will be aired on the blue squares; the game will be stopped at random, so just continue to make good shots, of course, the team that makes the large number of photos, victory. Remember, you are playing against a computer-generated group.
After each set, you shall play against another team so hit on “Next Game”. Once you lost more than 3 times it will be “game over” for you. If you wanted to play again, you have to hit “New game” again.  Uphill Rush 10

This game will actually teach you strategy and patience. At first you will just play with it, but as the game progresses you will feel like being hooked to the game somehow. This will be enjoyed by all ages, especially by kids because of the characters that will amuse them while playing basketball.
It’s a kind of an online game that will make you think about how and where the ball will come from. The long range shoot will also pressure you because more often than not it will become a miss shot. It can also be boring as you get used to the game, but it’s one of the games that will relax you and at the same time challenge you in a relaxing and fun way.
You will feel like a child again while playing this free online game, but then again it will still make you think what difference does each group makes from one another, since you can click on any team country, however, it would still be best for you to figure out their differences. It will surprise you and will challenge you more. No matter how many times you play the game over and over again, it’s the learning that you gained while playing it is what is important. Age of War 5 

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