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  Epic Battle Fantasy: Adventure Story  is known as Rockman in Japan and is a series of video games from Capcom with the Mega Man character starring in them. This is a different version of MegaMan. It is a combination of Megaman video game and Ikagura. 

  Age of War 3     Thus you may find some elements from both games. There are five stages for you to complete. You will be given a brief overview and an objective at the beginning of each stage.
MegaMan has various weapons and a shield. When your shield is blue, you fire blue energy. You absorb all blue energy fired at you, but you are vulnerable to red energy and physical weapons. Firing blue energy at an enemy that fires red energy exclusively will damage that enemy more than blue one. The opposite happens when your shield is red. Control the MegaMan and have a lot of fun!

 Unfair Mario  : Use the Left and Right Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to move MegaMan. The Up Arrow makes him jump and Spacebar enables him to fire. Hold Spacebar after firing to charge Megaman’s Mega Buster. The opacity of the “Charge Gathering” indicates the level that will be fired once you release the Space button. The Shift button is for switching your weapon and shield polarity.

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