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Play a fun interactive, analytical thinking puzzle game: Transform red-colored balls to orange with sharp aiming skill, accurate collisions and skillfully-managed ricochets! Clash It is a multi-level, physics-based puzzle and billiard-style, arcade skill game for little kids through high school teens and adults where you must launch an orange ball around a confined game screen, and try to make sure it comes into contact with (and transfers its color to) the awkwardly-positioned red balls. Your goal is to transform all red balls to orange within a set number of launching ‘shots’.Earn to Die 
Reasons to play this challenging, collision-based mouse control game: Test and exercise your analytical thinking skills, visual awareness, prediction skills, angle judgement and accuracy as you attempt to carefully and skillfully guide the orange ball toward successful collisions with the target red balls. Unleash the power of your problem-solving mind as you deal with increasingly-difficult levels, tricky target ball placement, and wacky obstacles.
Strategy to win: Trial and error is really important here! You must learn from your mistakes and try to alter your shot power and angle accordingly. Many of the prediction, precision and deftness skills required for table games such as pool and snooker come into play. You must play ‘carom’ and ‘billiard’ type shots where you ricochet the orange ball off of one or more target balls.

How to Play: A cool, Flash-based, aiming and accuracy puzzle, mouse-only game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). In each of the 75 different levels, your goal is to transform all of the red balls on the game screen to orange. To do this, you must ‘clash’ the orange ball(s) with the red ones, permanently changing the color from red to orange. You only have a set number of ‘shots’ to do this, as indicated in the top right corner of the play area.
There are 60 main levels (20 Easy, 20 Moderate, and 20 Expert), and 10 Bonus levels in total. For first-time players, we recommend that you play the five ‘Tutorial’ levels before starting the main levels. To execute a shot, Left Click on the orange ball, and drag your mouse cursor in the opposite direction to where you want the orange ball to go. The further you drag the cursor away, the more powerful the shot. Release the click to launch the orange ball.
In later levels, you must deal with tricky obstacles such as ‘death balls’, teleport devices, shrinking balls, and other challenging objects. Enjoy the accuracy challenge!

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