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The aim of the  is to gain control of the board by attacking your opponent’s blobs and converting them to your own. Cyclomaniacs: Epic

  Happy Wheels  The rules are very simple – Spawn a blob into an adjacent space or Jump into an open space one square away. First choose to play either the 1 player or 2 player game. Then select whether you are going to play a single game, best of three or best of five game.
Choose the board, and start playing. Select a blob on your team by clicking on it using your computer mouse. Once selected, your blob is highlighted and the possible moves you can take are shown with the darkened green tiles. Click on the highlighted space to complete your move.

    Tank Trouble     A single square move multiplies your blob – a new blob appears where you select and the first blob stays where it was. A two square move removes your original blob.
After you make a move, your opponent’s blobs, that are next to your blob, become captured and change into your blobs. The winner has the most blobs when the board is filled. If you can’t make a move, then you have to click on ‘Pass’. Empty spaces will automatically be filled with your opponent’s blobs, and then the score will be calculated. Good Luck!

Blob Wars

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Thursday, March 31, 2016
An intense, speed-based cycle race game featuring some of the wackiest characters and wildest courses imaginable –  is all that, and more! This whimsical sequel to the hugely-popular Cyclomaniacs racing game title offers 10 completely crazy courses of masterful push bike racing.  Oggy Mania

     Unfair Mario  : There are 10 wacky different race courses to compete on, with 4 distinct ‘challenges’ on each course. Your goal is to complete as many of these challenges as possible in order to earn valuable Gold Coins, and eventually to win all 10 races. You must unlock courses one after the other through high race finishes, and you can also unlock new characters and specialized push bikes by completing the various in-race tasks that are set out for you (Such as performing 10 jumps in a race, landing properly after a mid-air flip, etc).
Use the Arrow Keys or the WASD Keys on your computer keyboard to control your bike and rider: Up Arrow / W = Accelerate; Down Arrow / S = Brake & Reverse; Left Arrow / A = Lean Back; Right Arrow / D = Lean Forward. Press Spacebar to perform a small jump. The more stunts you execute properly (big jumps, flips etc), the greater the chance of activating your ‘Boost Meter’. Once activated, this gives your rider a huge burst of speed for a short time. In between each race, you can upgrade your bike’s attributes using Gold Coins earned through good performances.     Players can choose to ride as some of the most random characters ever to sit on a bicycle (including Elvis Presley, the Grim Reaper, a penguin, and a guinea pig – yes that’s right,  a guinea pig on a rocket-fueled bicycle!). The name of the game here is to complete various challenges on each level in order to unlock further courses, and earn coins that can be used to upgrade your pedal bike.

Propel your rider over ridiculous obstacles and perform outrageous stunts on a journey toward ultimate victory in all 10 races. You need to be really quick with your keyboard tapping to succeed as your computer opponents are no slouches. Quick reactions to obstacles are vital in order to maintain your speed and race momentum. You also need to choose the correct upgrades to outwit your opponents, and get to the top of that podium. Are you ready for absolute push biking dreamland?

Cyclomaniacs: Epic

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Free Tetris Game Online – Put the falling parts in such an order that similar color balls touch each other. Bombit

  Gold Miner As soon as four balls of the same color touch each other in any direction they’ll disappear. To move left or right use the left and right arrow keys. To rotate a figure use the “up” arrow key. To make the figure fall down faster press the “down” arrow.
You gain points every time a group of balls disappear or by crushing the cockroaches with the balls. You need to get rid of (crush) them because they will constantly bother you. Marky changes the color of the balls.Deedee swallows them up and spits them out. You cannot destroy them unless you make them go to the bottom of your screen. Joey uses dynamite to mess up your patterns. So hurry up and crush them as soon as possible.

   Gold Miner    If you've already told some friends in school or on social media about this game or Learn4Good Games, thank you so much! If you are going to tell your best friends, thank you in advance! You & your playing friends help to make this game site possible! We add new games almost every day, and look forward to bringing you more top games very soon. Some helpful links to share include

Oggy Mania

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Bombit  is a fun, action-packed Pacman-style arcade game where you have to race around a maze-style arena trying to eliminate your robot competitors by planting a steady supply of small-but-deadly bombs;

Gold Miner   : Select to play in 1 Player Mode or 2 Player Mode. Your goal is is the same in both game modes – to eliminate all of the computer-controlled enemy robots from the game grid. However, players can choose to work together or against each other in 2 Player Mode! In 1 Player Mode, control your Bombit robot using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. Press Spacebar to plant a bomb. In 2 Player Mode, Player 1 uses the WASD Keys to move, and Spacebar to plant bombs, while Player 2 uses the Arrow Keys to move and the Enter / Return Key to plant bombs.
Quick reactions in a changing game environment and fast keyboard tapping skills are very important here. This quirky online skill game features a cool multiplayer mode where you and a friend can either team up to take on the computer, or pit your wits against each other! Experienced devotees of classic arcade games such as Bomberman and Pacman should be familiar with the distinctive grid-based gameplay, while new younger players can simply flex their fingers and enjoy the explosive action! But have you got the essential skills to become a true Bombit champ? Or will you just bomb out of contention?..    You must strategically place your explosives, run for cover, and hope to catch your computer-controlled enemies in the blast radius. You play the role of a heavily-armed robot bomber, and have to dominate the large Pacman-esque grid using a strong combination of smart bomb placing strategy, and good defensive movement. It’s an absolute Bombing Battle Royale out there, and only the last robot standing will emerge victorious!


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Cave Escape     is a fun and fast-paced, 1 and 2 player, keyboard reactions-based survival game for kids, teens and light-hearted fun-loving grownups where you must dodge and weave around a confined game zone, and avoid cannonballs being fired from all angles. Playing as Super Mario Bros characters (or Mario and Luigi in 2 player mode), you must try to survive for as long as possible by using expert ball-dodging skills and nifty key control.
 Tank Trouble   : A Flash-based, arcade, reactions skill game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). Your aim is to survive for as long as possible by avoiding the cannonballs fired by the Bowsers positioned in each corner of the play area. You earn points for every second you survive the bombardment.
In 1 Player Mode, control Mario’s movement using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. When Mario gets hit with a cannonball, it’s game over! In 2 Player Mode, control Mario with the Arrow Keys, and Luigi with the WASD Keys. When one character gets hit, he leaves the play area for about 5 seconds before returning. However, if both characters get hit in quick succession, it’s game over. Enjoy the crazy, hectic action.

  Age of War  Reasons to play this high-energy arcade game: Bowser Ball really is like playing dodgeball on a whole new level. Stimulate and exercise your fast reflexes, concentration and observation skills, and dogged determination as you attempt to avoid the dozens of cannonball missiles fired at your Super Mario Bros character. Work as a team in the fun 2 Player mode – Support each other in your mad survival dash! Unleash your competitive side as you work to increase your top score with each survival run.

Strategy to win: Once the balls start flying, the action is non-stop! This means that you must be 100% concentrated at all times if you want to earn a respectable score. Standing still is not an option! You must be focused with a real sense of urgency. Good hand-eye coordination is essential here; the ball-firing Bowsers always adjust to your position, so you must remain constantly on the move!

Bowser Ball

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This intense, fast-paced, reactions-based, adventure platform game for mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop requires really sharp reflexes as you direct your nimble character through the game zone at pace. Good observation skills are important as you keep an alert eye out for falling rocks as well as for spotting advantageous positions that allow you to move up the cave. Let’s escape this mine and bring home some treasures for others to marvel at!  Pikachu Pokemon Rescue
 Unfair Mario  : This game may not play on all mobile phones, tablets or browsers due to the game software not being supported on some devices.
Survive for as long as possible in the cave, ascending and collecting diamonds on your journey. Each diamond collected adds points to your score in the top left corner of the game screen. For notebook, laptop and desktop players: Control the movement of your cave climbing character using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. For a more difficult challenge, use your mouse or touchpad to control his movements – click to jump, and move your mouse cursor in the direction you wish to move.

   Gold Miner   Help a daring miner to escape a mine while collecting as many diamond jewels as possible! is a very challenging, Mario-style, platform-jumping, survival-based arcade game where you play the role of a brave miner who must carefully ascend up a narrow underground cave by jumping onto square platforms and collect diamonds when possible. You must vigilantly avoid the falling rock platforms (blocks) to survive!

Cave Escape

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Pikachu Pokemon Rescue   is an addicting platform adventure game for kids, based on iconic characters of the ever-popular Pokémon series. Unlike classic Pokémon games where you catch, collect, and battle the exotic creatures, here you have to guide Pikachu (the cute electric mouse and all-round Pokemon legend) on a treacherous platform-jumping journey through 25 challenging levels. Leap from ledge to ledge, avoid bad guys, unlock doors, collect power-ups and more.

   Happy Wheels    Keep an eye on his Health Bar, indicated in red just above his head. If you impact with any of the skulking Pokemon, this Health Bar decreases. If Pikachu’s Health runs out, you lose a life. Likewise, if he falls down a ravine, and through the bottom of the game screen, another life is lost. (You can see how many lives you have remaining in the top left corner.
In later levels, you can use other Pokemon to your advantage. The purple “Muk” can be used as a spring for higher jumps, while the grey “Geodude” can be pushed into other Pokemon in order to eliminate them. Also in later levels, Pikachu has to activate a Lightning Bolt Switch to gain access to different parts of the level, or to activate a moving ledge. Collect the circular fruit Power-Ups along the way to increase your score.
  Age of War 3   : Your goal in each of the 25 increasingly tricky platform levels is to guide Pikachu to the Poké Ball, the red and white ball-shaped object located somewhere in each level. This Poké Ball acts as a Portal, and zaps Pikachu to the next level once he comes into contact with it. Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to maneuver Pikachu through the treacherous, ledge-filled terrain. 
This straight-forward arcade-style activity isn’t just for die-hard Pokemon fans. It could also be a hit with those kids who love a good platform challenge where you have to dodge, weave, and jump to avoid coming into contact with the bad guys. Quick reactions, good strategy, problem solving skills and expert timing are all very important here as one little mistake could result in a big fall, and disaster for Pikachu! Are you ready to write another exciting chapter in Pokemon history?

Pikachu Pokemon Rescue

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Sonic the Hedgehog – the undisputed speed-king of platform games – is back with a bang in, a challenging and action-packed, 8-bit style arcade game that is delightfully reminiscent of the legendary Sonic titles of the 1990s. Jump Santa Jum

    Age of War 3   As ever, Sonic has to zoom through a series of tricky levels filled with troublesome baddies and natural obstacles. You have to guide Sonic through each mission using his unique and familiar brand of supersonic speed running, acrobatic jumping, and balled-up attack moves. All of the classic elements of a good Sonic game are here; collectible power rings, dangerous spikes, treacherous ravines, a wacky soundtrack, and, of course, the cunning criminal mastermind Dr. Robotnik!

This fast and furious platform action game requires the nippy keyboard tapping skills of a true online gaming champion, the patience and determination of a lion, and the focus and concentration of a true prodigy. Younger gamers can enjoy the ‘simple’ yet surprisingly-tricky gameplay, while older, more nostalgic players can revel in the classic-style 8-bit graphics and retro environment. It’s time to defeat Dr. Robotnik’s minions and restore peace to the land – Sonic style! : At the beginning, you get to choose between three legendary characters: Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles. Your objective is to carefully navigate each challenging, side-scrolling level to the Finish line (using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control your character). Unlike classic Sonic games where a hit from a baddie or spike only results in the loss of Power Rings, here, any mistake is punished by the loss of a life credit. Press your Down Arrow while running to curl into an attack-mode ball. When your character is in this balled-up form, he easily destroys most baddies. Collect gold Power Rings to increase your overall points score. You can see how many lives you have remaining in the top left corner of the game screen. Once all of your lives are used, it’s game over. Note: Some of the messages and instructions on the game interface are written in poor quality English language. However, this does not take away from the general gameplay, so Enjoy the fun action!

Sonic Xtreme 2

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This light-hearted yet very tricky jumping activity requires quick reactions and nifty finger-work as you have to ensure that Santa doesn’t fall off any of the slippery ledges. Ho-ho-hopefully Santa can collect and delivery all the gifts before all the little children wake up! Good luck! our World

  Happy Wheels : Ice-covered platforms descend from the top of the game screen. Santa has to leap from one to the next, ensuring that he doesn’t fall off, or get carried all the way to the bottom. If he does, it’s game over. Use the Left & Right Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to move Santa quickly from side to side, and hit Spacebar to jump. Score points for each gift that you collect. Each level is timed – you progress to the next level if Santa is still going when the timer (located in the top left corner) runs out. Survive, and score as many points as you can to leap up that leaderboard.

   Gold Miner    Are you ready to help other children enjoy a Happy Holiday Season? Would you like to become Santa’s Little Helper for the day, and help him gather up a bunch of gifts that were dropped from his sleigh in the last minute dash away from the North Pole on Christmas Eve?    is a straight-forward, fun, skill-based game for young kids where you have to help poor Santa to collect a load of festive gifts (important presents) by jumping from ledge to ledge as they descend toward the ground. Santa needs to gather up as many of the loose gifts as he can before he embarks on his journey to visit the good boys and girls that are eagerly awaiting their big surprises! The only problem is – the gifts are all located on fast-descending icy platforms, and Santa has to carefully leap from one to the other to collect them!

Jump Santa Jum

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If you've already told some friends in school or on social media about this game or Learn 4 Good Games, thank you so much! If you are going to tell your best friends, thank you in advance!  Parkour

  Gold Miner   You & your playing friends help to make this game site possible! We add new games almost every day, and look forward to bringing you more top games very soon. Some helpful links to share include 
How to play: Just click “Play!” You choose an avatar  and then can play fun games in order to win prizes such as hair styles, clothing, furniture and everything else you need for your virtual life!  Watch for characters with “!” over their heads because they will help lead you through ourWorld. Have fun! 

 Unfair Mario  Online Virtual World Game: our World is a social virtual world for kids from age 11 & up, and combines top online games into a rich virtual world with over 22,000 virtual goods. Played on a Flash-based website, it is a place where you select from over a hundred online games with themes ranging from puzzle to action. ourWorld includes movie theaters, beaches, and shopping venues where you can meet new friends. You also have your own apartment and amazing pets!

our World

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The online game, is a cool street-running platform game where you play the role of Faith, a young Parkour master who gets up to all sorts of acrobatics. The goal is to use the buildings and environment of a big city to collect various objects by vaulting, rolling, running, climbing, and jumping as efficiently as possible. Perform jaw-dropping flips and tricky street-running movements where you acrobatically jump from one building to the next. You can run up walls, cling onto ledges, jump from amazing heights and more! Bloons Tower Defense 4

- Run and climb up walls by holding the Left or Right arrow key, and by jumping at them by pressing the S key just a couple of steps in front of the wall as you approach it. Once you jump, release the Left or Right arrow key. In order to start climbing the wall, you then need to immediately (and simultaneously) press the UP arrow key and the same Left or Right arrow key that you just released. For example – you were running to the right side up against the wall and had your Right arrow key pressed. Hit your S key and release the Right arrow key just two steps in front of the wall. Once in the air – immediately press UP, and then immediately press the Right arrow key again to start climbing. Got it? Good!

-   Happy Wheels    Jump from rung to rung by generating momentum with the Left and Right Arrow Keys. Perform Wall Jumps from parallel walls by pushing off them with the opposite Arrow Key and pressing jump at the same time. 
Reach seemingly impossible ledges and dizzying summits as you scramble around searching for lost items. The good thing about this challenging, skill-based adventure is that you cannot lose any lives – you just keep coming back for more, even after a nasty fall. Parkour could fast become your new favorite online sport – just don’t try this at home! Ready to become a Parkour and Street-running Superstar? Go like the wind!
Ever wondered if there was an exciting sport that requires no equipment, yet could be played in cities and backyards all over the world? Well, here’s one for you! Parkour is a truly awesome display of physical movements, and essentially means getting somewhere as quickly and efficiently as possible using only your body and fitness. It’s a non-competitive sport which focuses on moving with outstanding efficiency, agility, speed and ease around and over obstacles.

Tank Trouble   : The game takes place in a big city environment where literally every single building and structure can be used to your advantage. Control Faith using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. Use the Left and Right Arrow Keys to run. Hit S to jump, and the Up Arrow to scale various structures. There are Red Scrolls placed around the city that give you tutorial tips when you walk beside them. Be sure to read all of these, as they give you valuable hints on how to perform various movements.
The goal is to collect all 212 Red Stars and 10 lost Backpacks. The Red Stars are dotted all around the city in easy-to-access locations, but the Backpacks are hidden away in difficult-to-reach areas. You can see how many of the lost items you have collected in the top right corner of the game screen. To pause the game at any time, hit Spacebar. If you fall off the game area, you return to your last Check-Point .
How to master some difficult Parkour techniques, and snazzy extras:
-  Age of War    : You can slide under the object – by running at it and by pressing the Down arrow key just in front of the object.
- Doing Flips: When you see a crossbar or a part of the building that looks like one, you can jump at it and hold 3 buttons at a time depending on you movement direction. You will flip over the crossbar and get on top of it easily.
- Slow Motion: Holding the Shift key during any action makes everything go in slow motion  Cool!


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Bloons Tower Defense 4   is a colorful strategy game for kids & teens where you have to prevent an onslaught of bright bouncy “bloons” from reaching their intended destination – your tower, using your cunning and skill. Mostly, this involves blowing them up, throwing spikes at them, firing boomerangs and other fun stuff! This lively and unique tower defense game requires good planning skills and offers hours of addicting entertainment! Have a blast!

 Happy Wheels  : First select a game track and then a game mode (Easy, Medium or Hard) by clicking in the game screen with your computer mouse. Click on the weapons you want to buy on the right hand side of the game screen and then place them around the track. You can only place the weapons when the circle beneath it is white. They cannot be placed directly on the track. To cancel a purchase, press “ESCAPE” on your computer keyboard. You can sell a weapon by clicking on the “Sell” button at the bottom of the game screen (you never get the price you paid for the sold weapons – you sell them at a loss thus sell it only if there is no other option). You can see how much virtual money you have and the number of remaining lives (heart icon) in the in the top right corner of the game screen. To start each round click on “START ROUND” in the bottom right corner of the screen. To make the bloons go faster click on “FAST FORWARD” in the bottom right corner. Happy Bloons bursting!

   Age of War   One of the things that makes Bloons Tower Defense 4 unique (apart from the colorful cartoon graphics) is the sheer diversity of weapons available. You can use surface-to-air missile launchers and planes, which hover over the game area, along with a wide variety of power ups to get the job done. OK, so let’s going! The more bloons you blast – the more virtual money you earn – enabling you to buy/sell more weapons to blast more boons! It’s non-stop bubbly bloon bursting fun and enjoyment. Good luck!

Bloons Tower Defense 4

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Prepare to be engrossed in Tanki Online, an awesome free to play, browser-based MMO-shooter & 3D tank game. This superbly realistic action adventure is one of the most popular games on the web at time of posting.  Bike Champ

This amazingly in-depth and collaborative online strategy & skill-based war game requires very good decision making ability, and shrewd military tactics. You can either strive to be a real ‘team player’ who cooperates with his/her squad, or you can alternatively decide to be a “lone-wolf” fighter, skulking in the shadows and picking off enemies from afar! Either way, you definitely need super-fast reactions, hawkish observation skills, and nimble keyboard tapping in order to excel here (where the competition is just so fierce!). Choose your battles wisely, build up your reputation, and become one of the world’s most feared and respected Tanki operators! However, will you survive the heat for long enough to wear your medals home with honor?  : Because this game has in-play purchasing options to upgrade (which require real money), any child or teen playing this game  should first have clearance from your parent, guardian or supervisor to do so  

How to Play: Players can freely decide to play entirely for free or to upgrade their status at any time. After playing the initial tutorial level, where you should become familiar with the control your tank, you are asked to enter in a Username and Password . Once you enter these details, you are brought to a large dashboard / hub area. On the left side of the game screen, a chat room is open where you can instant-message other players . In the center, there is a long list of current, ongoing tank battles. Click on any one of these to reveal the ‘Battle Info’ for that particular battle . From here, you can enter a battle, and get down to the intense action! You choose which team to join  by clicking the ‘Play’ button on the Red or Blue side of the chosen ‘Battle Info’ dashboard.
While you play for free, you are prompted to make real money payments in exchange for credits  by visiting the ‘Garage’ or ‘Buy’ tabs along the top of the game screen. These Crystals are the ‘in-game currency’, and can be used to purchase tank upgrades. To focus only on playing for free, simply click on the silver ‘Battles’ tab at the top of the game screen to return to the main dashboard area.

    Happy Wheels   Once you get down to the exciting business of actually taking part in a battle, you can control your tank’s movements using the Arrow Keys or the WASD Keys on your computer keyboard. Press Spacebar to fire your weapon, and press the Z and X keys to control your tank’s ‘turret’ . If you want to return your turret to the center of the tank , press your C Key. There are 4 different distinct types of battles you can take part in:Tank Trouble 
Deathmatch  a ‘free-for-all’ match. In this mode, you are battling against all other players. The goal is to eliminate as many other tanks as possible.
Team Deathmatch  – a Team VS Team match. The objective of game mode is to eliminate as many players on the opposing team as possible, and to have the most eliminations  at the end of the battle.
Capture the Flag – The objective here is to capture the enemy flag, and carry it out from enemy territory to your base.Earn to Die
Control Point  – Each team has to capture as many ‘Points’ as possible, and achieve the highest score.

Tanki Online

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Bike Champ is a fun online stunt bike game where you have to navigate a powerful motorcycle through a series of increasingly difficult obstacle courses. While you can perform fancy flips and intense stunts, keeping the bike balanced is the key to success.  Douchebag Workout 2

You must try to complete each level without falling off your dirt bike. This can prove to be tricky, as some of the obstacles and ramps are extremely steep and challenging to overcome. Simply driving over these obstacles is impossible, you have to maneuver your bike over the objects with extreme care.
   Vault over the various ramps and obstacles using the power of your bike, but try to keep it balanced at all times.
If you tip the bike over and your rider falls off – you have to go back to your most recent Check Point (Purple Flag). If you get stuck at any stage, hit the R key to go back to the last Check Point. Collect Nitro Power Ups along the way – these are red and black flames with the letter N on them. Hit the A Key to activate your Nitro Booster once you see the icon in the top left corner of the game screen. 

   Happy Wheels   Score points with stylish bike-riding, as you are rewarded for any epic moves you can pull off while flying through the air. The cooler the stunt – the more points you score. Above all, you’ll need a steady hand, as keeping the bike upright is the most important part of this game. Just one wrong move, and you come crashing off the bike. Ouch! Timing is also important, as you have to choose the correct moment to make some of the more demanding jumps. Ok Champ, strap on your crash helmet – it’s going to be a bumpy ride! 

  Tank Trouble   How to Play: In each of the 30 increasingly difficult levels, you have to maneuver your bike over ramps, hills and various obstacles to get to the Checkered Flag. Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control the bike’s movements. Try to complete each challenge in as fast a time as possible – the clock is ticking in the top right corner. You have 5 minutes to complete each level – which is more than enough time.Douchebag Workout 2

Bike Champ

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Every boy's dream is to get ladies' attention or be a person, who is attractive and have so much swag. This is one side, but there are too many people, who is just into bodybuilding and likes a workout. Douchebag Workout 2 will show you every detail of gym, where everything can be happen and you'll see how awesome time can you spend in here to be more big, tanned and ripped.  

This is a hilarious game with so many upgrades and have new adventures for you, like talking with your angry dad and etc. So, explore the social life's another higher level and enjoy it.
    Gold Miner   developers have made a whole new game and it's a better possibility to have fun then the previous first version of this game. So, your objective is simple and awesome. You need to be more attractive and hotter, but for this, you have to be bigger and for that, you have so many things to do, like there are tattoo artist and other stuff.
At the beginning, you have a few tasks to do:

   Happy Wheels    First, you need to enter a gym and buy a membership, which gives you access to get in other workout rooms.Moose Collision
Then, you have to gain more mass than you have, for that, you need to workout hard and be bigger. This mission requires from you to use all workout machines in the gym.
After that, your task is more important, because your visual is key to be more awesome, so you need to take care of your face skin and hair style. To do so, you have hair stylist Jennifer in the last room, who help you to shave and also there is Turbo tuning machine to use.

Douchebag Workout 2

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016
Match 3 cards to attack! Make sure you choose cards of the same color as often as possible to inflict maximum damage. Try and Collect All the Items in Every Dimension

     Age of War    Don`t forget to tap on the enemy you want to attack first if you are facing off against multiple enemies. Watch out: some enemies are marked with “DANGER” and they can inflict enough damage to cripple you! Choose cards with the same color and number, like 1-1-1, or consecutive numbers, like 1-2-3 for a CRITICAL attack. 
A CRITICAL attack considerably increases the damage you deal! The black Wild Cards can substitute any color or number. Match 3 Wild Cards for a Wild Critical attack that will charge all of your Digimon’sattacks.The color of the card represents the race of the Digimon.

   Unfair Mario  There are five races: Dragon – red, Knight – blue, Nature – green, Dark – purple, Holy – yellow. Each race is powerful against one other race and weak against another race (Red beats Green / Green beats Blue / Blue beats Red). Tap and hold a Digimon’s icon to see the number of turns needed to charge its special skill. The Digimon’s icon will be glowing green when the skill is charged. Double tap a chargedDigimon icon to use the skill!
You level up by gaining experience, and the more battles you win the more experience is added to your current level! Each time you level up, you gain more friend slots, more energy points and your energy bar gets a refill!

The Basics Behind Combat

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WriterParty knows just how difficult it can be to make your way through the game’s starting portions unscathed. They broke down a method that may be more helpful for players who want to exploit those 1st few dimensions. Sticking to this method will help you acquire enough experience and items to finally defeat a boss Rick after repeatedly returning to their dimension: Red Ball 7

  Happy Wheels     Morty trainers act just like Pokemon trainers – if you happen to walk right in front of them and catch their gaze, you’ll automatically get into a battle. It’s in your best interest to take these challenges head on when you’re in the process of trying to level up your party. But sometimes you’re much better off avoiding these fights altogether if your Mortys are low on health. Try to sneak past them if you find yourself in danger of getting wiped out with a single hit from a trainer’s Morty. You might just want to head straight to the Rick guarding the portal and take them down ASAP in some instances. Avoid unnecessary battles and immediately take out the boss in some instances.

  Tank Trouble      Every time you hop into a new dimension, explore it fully. Not only are their trainers to battle and wild Mortys to collect, there’s a bunch of items just sitting on the ground waiting to be picked up. You’re more likely to gather the items designated for crafting purposes in each dimension you enter.

Try and Collect All the Items in Every Dimension

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Red Ball 7 is the seventh level of the red ball game. Red ball is a game that applies various concepts of physics to the simple action game. The ball is the hero of the game. In the first version, even though the red ball is simply a ball, in the later versions, the ball acquires character. 

How To Play Gold Miner
The Red Ball 7th level starts with the ball on a block. The special feature of this game is the box bridge you will have to create in order to be safe from the sharp thorns. You have to move the ball forward and jump which will place it on a small moving platform which can move up. After another jump, you will face the first obstacle, a sharp star which is swinging on a rope like a pendulum. You can go under it when the start swings on the other side and jump over the thorns.
The number of levels in the different versions of the game varies with the first version having a total of 17 levels and the fourth version having a total of 20 levels. The level of difficulty for each game increases as the level goes up. It is possible to get help from walkthroughs if you find yourself stuck and not able to move forward. This is a single player game.
The game is played with the help of a keyboard. The arrow keys are used for moving the ball on all sides.

There is a springboard which you need to traverse to land on a bunch of moving platforms. After jumping from these platforms you will be able to reach the box area. Boxes are stacked high just ahead of a thorny stretch. You have to move the ball so that all the boxes fall on the thorns and not on the pit to provide you a safe passage over the thorns.
There is a small red box on the other side of the thorns which you have to hit so that you will be able to complete the level. Once that is done, you can come back the same way and go towards the goal flag passing through the swing. You can see that in the single level of this game, you can see the effects of pendulum, horizontal and vertical movement, swinging motion and the effects of pushing the stacks.

   Tank Trouble   Left arrow key should be used to move the ball backward.
Right arrow key can be used to move the ball forward.
Up arrow key can be used to make the ball go higher. This arrow key will simply make the ball go up and not forward.
Down arrow key can be used to make the ball go down.
These are the most important controls you will need to use during the game. To pause the game, the key ‘P’ can be pressed. To escape the game, you can press the Escape key. A game can be restarted by pressing the key ‘R’. Music is on by default and you can turn off the music by clicking on the music symbol on the game screen.

Red Ball 7

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Monday, March 28, 2016
Red Ball 5 is an interesting game in the strategy game category which also involves some battle to reach a particular goal. The player has to help the red ball reach its lover. The red ball shouldn’t walk on green blocks or shouldn’t hit by any red block. If it hits the ball would die. 

Red ball 5 is completely interesting as the player as to take the red ball to his lover. It is a game of blood where the ball if hit on the way by red blocks dies or just hurt completely. Also, it is vital to take the ball without walking on the green blocks. So the red block has dangers all through its way to reach his lover.
    Age of War     is good to play in an interactive screen with best effects. Any player can enter and try this game. It is much inspiring to cross blocks and get through the levels in helping the red ball. It looks like a real mission for players to take the ball from danger and help reaching his lover. The game goes through blood as the ball can die on its way. So, the player has to play with full concentration to make sure that the ball doesn’t doe and escapes from red blocks.
Online gaming gives people excitements as they have all options to try and it is completely free to play games of their choice any time. As the features are good, people love to play games again and again. If you enter into the gaming websites, you will have game videos to guide you in the game
Even a first time player can enjoy playing this game as all options are easier. Players who are new to the game can watch the game video and read instructions to win in the game.
Game Play
 When the player has gained a clear idea about the objective of the game, he can keep going on his way with the red ball.

    Age of War 3   Taking part in online games provides great relaxation to players. They can get better knowledge as well understand to get exposed to games of their choice. As games are offered for free by websites, players can make best use of their free time and get some entertainment through games.
Try the game and find the interesting aspects. It is good to have proper support online. You can know what the game has and how you can transform your gaming skills by helping the red ball. It is good to check out online ideas and tips and play games in great style. You can also take part in different discussions and join gaming communities t get better used to gaming environment. You will get complete fulfillment as you have the complete advantage of playing games in your hand and you can manage the operation with controls. It also offers you the best support from gaming websites in all aspects.

     Gold Miner  game has an objective for the player to help the red ball reach his lover by crossing green and red blocks all through the way.
Control the red ball using your keypad arrow keys. To move up or jump, use the up arrow. To come down use the down arrow key and for left and right moves use the left and right arrow keys.

Red Ball 5

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Red Ball 4 is an exciting ball game which is all about jumping and getting through the way to reach the mission. It is a game of puzzles where the player has to help the red ball reach its goal after crossing through several hurdles on its way. 
Age of War 3  is an interesting where the player has to keep jumping all the way. The player has to collect all golden stars on the way. He has to roll the ball over the plains and make sure he doesn’t hit anywhere in the corners. It is good to roll over fast and avoid all bad blocks on the way. The grassy hills are much interesting to move with. The player requires the help of rocks or wooden crates to climb over the hills to move the ball.
Red Ball 4 comes in different volumes. In volume 2, the player has to help the red ball move through its way to destroy the monsters. The evil monsters can destroy the world and the player has to join the red ball and help it in saving the world.  In volume 3, the player has to help the red ball reach the red pole. The player has to take the ball cross laser beams that pass. In case of wicked blocks, the player has to make the ball stamp on it and go along its way.
The objective of Red ball 4 game is that the player has to cross through different levels with a mission to save the world from turning into a square.

   Age of War     game features a total of 15 levels and each level is different. The player has to make of a strategy to jump through all levels and accomplish its act of saving the world.
Game Controls

You can play the games using arrow keys to controls the jump function. Left and right arrow keys can be used to control the operation of the red ball.

It is much fascinating to play the game online. The options are quite good and people love to enter online games of this kind in their free time. It keeps you relaxed and gives you enough opportunities to make best use of your free time. The player can on music and sounds and keep going with the game screen. The player can watch the movie option and know how the game would be and what the player has to do to win the game. Players can reset their progress and all options are user friendly. The player can check his achievements and also know the best scores so that he could play well and come to the top.

   Gold Miner    Children enjoy this game largely. It is easy and much inspiring for them to learn better. It is good to improve the exposure to the game by playing it again and again. The player can know more as he gets through the game and progresses to higher levels. It is great fun to take part in this game online and choose to play different volumes. Red ball 4 is played by lots and lots of people online. Gaming lovers play with passion and choose different games of their choice. Red ball games are truly appealing for the easy options and user friendly gaming environment

Red Ball 4

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Red Ball3 is a thrilling game where the player has to help the red ball is rescuing his girl friend that has been kidnapped by an evil enemy. The game is much interesting as the player takes the ball through different levels.

The objective of Red ball 3 game is that the player has to help the red ball rescue its kidnapped girlfriend from the enemy.
Red ball 3 game features 26 different levels and each level is interesting. The player has to think and move the ball so that it is safe from enemies and crosses hurdles to catch the enemy and bring his lover back.
Game ControlsEarn to Die 
Arrow keys using the keypad are the means of control in the game. You can move, left, up or down using all four arrow keys. To jump you can use the up arrow key.
Game Play
In Red Ball 3, the player has to take several measures to take the ball to help his lover. It is no easy for the ball to save the kidnapped girl friend. The journey is completely challenging and the player has to make sure he helps the ball in getting along its way for the rescue operation. The player has to push the ball through different exit levels and reach the final level to win the game.

It’s a colorful game and the player has to put wood along the way to make easy access throughroads. Te wood disappears after the player uses or puts it down. So, the player has to take woods carefully and place them so that he could take the ball through the road easily. That is the only option they have to cross the road and progress to the next level. So, the player has to play with his fullest ability to move woods and play carefully when crossing the woods.
When playing Red Ball 3, players always feel like real life action as they set to rescue their kidnapped girl friend or save the girl friend of friend or so. It looks much interesting for them to choose gaming options and play based on the set of instructions. Red Ball doesn’t have any instructions specifically. The player has to keep going overcoming hurdles and accomplishing goals at different levels. The player can enjoy the journey with the ball and cross cliffs and green areas. He has to make use of different wooden panels and platters to jump or cross blocks.
With lots of free games available for entertainment, gaming lovers wish to stay connected to gaming websites. It provides them some sought fulfillment to accomplish their gaming goal in the best way. With the best options, players can always enjoy gaming and take part in all versions of the game and get through various levels. As players know how to progress they find the game much exciting in attaining the mission.
Each level is different when it comes to hurdles. Waters, wooden blocks, thorns and all kinds of obstacles come on the way as the ball moves. If you watch the video, you can know how to operate at different levels and cross water or the cliffs. It becomes easy to play using the video and win games by accomplishing the mission to rescue the girl friend of the red ball.

Red Ball 3

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Red Ball 2     is a game of puzzles where the player has to help the king red ball to retrieve his lost crown. It is a game of strategy and looks like solving puzzles to accomplish the mission.  

 If you visit online websites, you have many gaming options. You can choose any reliable website of your choice and enjoy playing red ball games. As there are different versions and varieties you can derive extreme pleasure by choosing to play games in your free time. You can make your game exceptional with the options.    When you play the games for the first time, make sure you click watch movie option. This option allows you to view the game in the screen. Look into it carefully so that you can place play accordingly and win games. As you play games with puzzles, you get to know about winning games as well making best use of all interesting features and options. Red ball games have become amongst one of the most preferred games online. The level of support players get from online websites makes them stay engaged to online games. Play Red ball 2 and have unlimited fun. Enjoy gaming at its best with best gaming websites.
Game Play

    Tank Trouble     Playing Red ball 2 is much inspiring for all players. Boys who are passionate about king stories prefer playing this kind of games. The game involves the work of a king to find his crown. The game is full of fun and the player has to guide the red ball to take the key and keep going to open the door. The game options and game screen are good. Players can go through the options and know how to play with great ease.

It is simple to play and get through different levels in the game by pushing objects and collecting stars throughout the way. It makes the game interesting as you find each level competing in some aspect.  When playing this kind of games, players get the complete involvement. It turns out to be highly challenging for them to cross different levels and accomplish the mission.
It is a great feel to enter online and play games of your choice. When games are offered for free, it is an added advantage. Players love to check out the features and try playing the games. Even first time players can learn something fresh about games as they play them online. The visual effects and interactive gaming screen offers gaming interest in players.

The player is all set with the king red ball to go in the retrieval work of the crown overcoming all means of obstacles that they face on their way. The objective of Red ball 2 is that the player has to help the king red ball to find its crown it has lost.
Red Ball 2 features a total of 25 levels. At each level the player has to help the ball find keys to doors to get through in search of his crown.
Game Controls
Arrows keys in keypad are used to control the movement of the red ball all along its way. Use the left arrow key to move left, right key to move right, up key to jump and down to get down.

Red Ball 2

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