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WriterParty knows just how difficult it can be to make your way through the game’s starting portions unscathed. They broke down a method that may be more helpful for players who want to exploit those 1st few dimensions. Sticking to this method will help you acquire enough experience and items to finally defeat a boss Rick after repeatedly returning to their dimension: Red Ball 7

  Happy Wheels     Morty trainers act just like Pokemon trainers – if you happen to walk right in front of them and catch their gaze, you’ll automatically get into a battle. It’s in your best interest to take these challenges head on when you’re in the process of trying to level up your party. But sometimes you’re much better off avoiding these fights altogether if your Mortys are low on health. Try to sneak past them if you find yourself in danger of getting wiped out with a single hit from a trainer’s Morty. You might just want to head straight to the Rick guarding the portal and take them down ASAP in some instances. Avoid unnecessary battles and immediately take out the boss in some instances.

  Tank Trouble      Every time you hop into a new dimension, explore it fully. Not only are their trainers to battle and wild Mortys to collect, there’s a bunch of items just sitting on the ground waiting to be picked up. You’re more likely to gather the items designated for crafting purposes in each dimension you enter.

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