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Cave Escape     is a fun and fast-paced, 1 and 2 player, keyboard reactions-based survival game for kids, teens and light-hearted fun-loving grownups where you must dodge and weave around a confined game zone, and avoid cannonballs being fired from all angles. Playing as Super Mario Bros characters (or Mario and Luigi in 2 player mode), you must try to survive for as long as possible by using expert ball-dodging skills and nifty key control.
 Tank Trouble   : A Flash-based, arcade, reactions skill game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). Your aim is to survive for as long as possible by avoiding the cannonballs fired by the Bowsers positioned in each corner of the play area. You earn points for every second you survive the bombardment.
In 1 Player Mode, control Mario’s movement using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. When Mario gets hit with a cannonball, it’s game over! In 2 Player Mode, control Mario with the Arrow Keys, and Luigi with the WASD Keys. When one character gets hit, he leaves the play area for about 5 seconds before returning. However, if both characters get hit in quick succession, it’s game over. Enjoy the crazy, hectic action.

  Age of War  Reasons to play this high-energy arcade game: Bowser Ball really is like playing dodgeball on a whole new level. Stimulate and exercise your fast reflexes, concentration and observation skills, and dogged determination as you attempt to avoid the dozens of cannonball missiles fired at your Super Mario Bros character. Work as a team in the fun 2 Player mode – Support each other in your mad survival dash! Unleash your competitive side as you work to increase your top score with each survival run.

Strategy to win: Once the balls start flying, the action is non-stop! This means that you must be 100% concentrated at all times if you want to earn a respectable score. Standing still is not an option! You must be focused with a real sense of urgency. Good hand-eye coordination is essential here; the ball-firing Bowsers always adjust to your position, so you must remain constantly on the move!

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