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Sonic the Hedgehog – the undisputed speed-king of platform games – is back with a bang in, a challenging and action-packed, 8-bit style arcade game that is delightfully reminiscent of the legendary Sonic titles of the 1990s. Jump Santa Jum

    Age of War 3   As ever, Sonic has to zoom through a series of tricky levels filled with troublesome baddies and natural obstacles. You have to guide Sonic through each mission using his unique and familiar brand of supersonic speed running, acrobatic jumping, and balled-up attack moves. All of the classic elements of a good Sonic game are here; collectible power rings, dangerous spikes, treacherous ravines, a wacky soundtrack, and, of course, the cunning criminal mastermind Dr. Robotnik!

This fast and furious platform action game requires the nippy keyboard tapping skills of a true online gaming champion, the patience and determination of a lion, and the focus and concentration of a true prodigy. Younger gamers can enjoy the ‘simple’ yet surprisingly-tricky gameplay, while older, more nostalgic players can revel in the classic-style 8-bit graphics and retro environment. It’s time to defeat Dr. Robotnik’s minions and restore peace to the land – Sonic style! : At the beginning, you get to choose between three legendary characters: Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles. Your objective is to carefully navigate each challenging, side-scrolling level to the Finish line (using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control your character). Unlike classic Sonic games where a hit from a baddie or spike only results in the loss of Power Rings, here, any mistake is punished by the loss of a life credit. Press your Down Arrow while running to curl into an attack-mode ball. When your character is in this balled-up form, he easily destroys most baddies. Collect gold Power Rings to increase your overall points score. You can see how many lives you have remaining in the top left corner of the game screen. Once all of your lives are used, it’s game over. Note: Some of the messages and instructions on the game interface are written in poor quality English language. However, this does not take away from the general gameplay, so Enjoy the fun action!

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