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Never Fishdom experience with the race so exciting? take a deep breath together make the match-3 huongcung fun with Fishdom: Deep Dive! 

Engage in challenging match-3 game with a unique twist when you decorate the tank to create homes for fish lovely cozy. Feed them, play with them, and watch them have fun with your friends nhau.Hay they are waiting for you-DIVE IN NOW!
The attractive feature to perform game
● Unique gameplay :, design and decoration, play and personal care-all in one place should give it to them carnm comfort fun!
● Play hundreds of challenging match-3 adventure and leisure
● Discover an exciting underwater world with 3D fish fun because everyone has their own personality
● Liven up the tank with beautiful décor, unique style

● Get your diving mask and enjoy great graphics 
● This is when you dive: play with your friends on Facebook!
Please note! Fishdom: Deep Dive is a free download to play, however some game items can also be purchased with real money.
Enjoy Fishdom: Deep Dive? Learn more here:  Age of War 
this is extremely great app and fun it gives you a comfortable feeling creative space as the real world

Fishdom: Deep Dive

By : Regina Hilary
Monday, April 25, 2016
Welcome to the Barbie® Fashionistas® - where you unleash with modern fashion sense!
Mix and coordinated style that suits the dolls look at your favorite Fashionistas® in ULTIMATE CLOSET and create your own design DESIGN STUDIO!


create your appearance with the patterns, colors, and graphics that you love most. We have put together some amazing collections that you can purchase separately or buy them all!

this is extremely exciting stage, once you have completed the creation, you can try on all your design in the dressing room!


Wardrobe ultimately provide excellent, fun, free games put together looks trendy with your finger swipe. Mixing and matching top, bottom, shoes, accessories, and hair styles matching face. Try sparkling themnhung map put it on the head! Let her choose a pet? You can even try on the design you created in Design Studio!

We can not wait to see what you dream from earlier!


This is extremely great app it gives you the relaxation and excitement created much sensation please visit here Happy Wheels

Barbie® Fashionistas®

By : Regina Hilary
Sunday, April 24, 2016
Then GunBlood the perfect game for you! It is a method to disable check how big is your reflexes, how well you will be able to move and click the mouse to shoot the enemy machine. So you go to survive a Gun Fight in case you get in a? The most effective method to access aggregated entertainment: You can reach the general line by going to GunBlood. eu from any program (Let's beyond any doubt that it is Flash right).

 It will take you to a landing page with site connections GunBlood. Look for entertainment for basic load and click Start Game to start playing. You can also select the "alternative" to monitor the audio tab and In-entertainment excellent quality. 

The most effective method to enjoy: The considerable edge entertainment on various entertainment available is a simple chore to understand (and use) the direction of his play. As soon even click Start the game started, we expected to select a specific character direction. We are enamored of the decision to use 10 separate symbols to choose from. Open select appropriate character we have to press "proceed" to start playing genuine line mode. Here we need to locate our mouse pointer in the picture to the screen cyclinder gun. This will connect to the clock after three seconds. I should not push the cursor how it will lead to the clock to prevent and reload. The second third minute clock run out, Gunblood Game

require keeping in mind the end goal to point the mouse towards leader of the specific rival and left click the mouse to catch. Then again, it genuinely isn’t as simple the way it sounds. The adversary tries to slaughter all of us at lightning speed accordingly one must conceivably be amazingly speedy and deft in order to win the duel. A fast tip – Always shoot for the adversary’s head for a quick knockout. Like I said just in the recent past, you need turning into an expert of reflexes to win this one. As the game advances further, the issue level begins raising. Your rival will take lesser time presently to shoot anybody and his exactness will increment. 
Age of War 5 
Consequently you’ll need to enhance your amusement after sooner or later. An alternate intriguing capacity of Gunblood is so it emphasizes a few extra adjusts. In them you’ll need to shoot objects like flasks, feathered creatures and so on without hitting your right hand standing when before you. In general, This is a fun diversion with a specific end goal to breathe easy despite the fact that enhancing your reflexes alongsid.


By : Regina Hilary
Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Are you the owner of reflection? Do you feel that the training in the use of the computer mouse did you dexterity in the use of it? need a mouse is small but very useful to help you then GunBlood is the perfect game for you! It's a perfect way to test how well your reflexes are, how you can move and click to shoot the enemy machine. In other words- you will survive a Gun Fight if you were caught in one? How to access the game: You can access the games by visiting from any web browser (Make sure it is the flash is activated). This will take you to the homepage of the site's GunBlood. Wait for the game to load and click Start Game to start playing. You can also select "Options" tab to control the In-game sound and quality. Multiplayer Basketball Games

How to play: The main edge that this game than other games on the market are simply playing the game to understand (and use) of it. As soon as we hit the Start button Games, we are required to choose a specific game characters. We are spoiled for choice with 10 different avatars to choose from. Open select the appropriate character, we have to press 'continue' to begin the real gamepay mode. Age of War 6 
Here we need to locate our mouse pointer on a pistol cyclinder image on the screen. This triggers a countdown clock three seconds. We are under no obligation to move the cursor as it will cause the timer to stop and reload. As soon as the timer runs out second third, we need to point your mouse towards your opponent's head and left click mouse to shoot. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. The opponents tried to kill them at lightning speed, and so one must be extremely fast and agile to win the duel. A quick tip - Always set goals for the opponent's head for an instant knockout. Like I said, you need to be a master of reflexes to win this.

As the game progresses further, the difficulty level starts increasing. Youropponentwilltake lesser time now to shoot you and his accuracy will also increase. Hence you need to improve your game with time. Another interesting feature of GunBlood is that it features a few bonus rounds. In them you need to shoot objects like bottles, birds etc while not hitting your assistant standing in front of you. Overall, It is a fun game to pass time while improving your reflexes alongside.

Gunblood Game

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Basketball is a sport rewarding workout and conquer yourself. This popular sport can also be played on the computer. If you are a basketball enthusiast and PC, you can download the online application and install on your computer or you can play in your browser. Some require certain fee to play or download. However, if you do not want to spend anything to play, there are some websites that offer free games. There is only one basketball games. But there are games that will allow you to play with others. Whether you want to have one on one, two or over two to five years on, many basketball players can give you the excitement you are looking for.

 Uphill Rush 10

Most sites that offer multiplayer basketball games require registration of account before you can start playing. Once done with registration, it is time to find your teammates and opponents. One of the fun parts on these games is the graphics. There are different background settings including park, school basketball gym and professional basketball stadium to name a few. The characters of the game also vary. Some look like professional basketball players that are wearing jerseys, while others are wearing different kind of clothes.
There are games that will allow you to customize your character or even the whole team. Choose the hairstyle, the clothes or jersey and the shoes of your player according to your preference. You may also create your own team name. Like real basketball, playing with other players online require teamwork. You should work with your team to beat the other players. Since this is done online, you need to use your computer skills. If you are not a pro in playing online, you can always practice before playing with other online players.

Aside from multiplayer games, there are basketball games online that can help you practice and become better in playing. Choose easy to medium difficulty level of basketball shooting game to enhance your skills.  The mouse is often used for controlling the characters. You can either click or point on the direction where you want your player to go, depending on the game instructions. But most games are usually played that way. To shoot the ball, press the mouse then let go once you determine the right distance and direction.
Once you think you are ready to play with other gamers, find a site where you can show the skills you mastered. The exciting thing about these games is that you will be able to meet different people from around the world. You will not only enjoy playing but you can also make new friends. This may not be a physical game like the real basketball, but you are not limited to playing with the people in your neighborhood. In fact, the players come from different countries all around the world. Play hard to get high scores but do not be greedy, as you need to play with other players as a team. Game sites that provide these multiplayer games often have leadership boards that list players with the highest scores.

Multiplayer Basketball Games

By : Regina Hilary
Tuesday, April 19, 2016
How to play this exciting game
This is a free online game from Flonga. On the main menu, you will see the "new game", "Faith" and "many games". You can go ahead and click on "New Game"; it will direct you to a screen that says Round: Group A, Group B, Group C and D.

Divided into the following groups
Group A includes: Angola, Argentina, Australia, Germany, Jordan and Serbia.
Group B consists of: Brazil, Croatia, Iran, Slovenia, Tunisia and the United States.
Group C includes: China, Cote d'Ivoire, Greece, Puerto Rico, Russia and Turkey
Group D consists of: Canada, Spain, France, Lebanon, Lithuania and New Zealand.
You can select any country from any group, but to remind you that the different groups have different challenges to their ball. Once you have selected a team click on National Team, and then click "Select team and PLAY" forward "Next Game".
After the countdown, the game will start. Each team is shot in turn. With the use of your mouse to aim the ball in position to shoot ball basketball ring. The blue dot like ring will serve as your guide whether your ball is going to shoot or miss. Points will be aired on the blue squares; the game will be stopped at random, so just continue to make good shots, of course, the team that makes the large number of photos, victory. Remember, you are playing against a computer-generated group.
After each set, you shall play against another team so hit on “Next Game”. Once you lost more than 3 times it will be “game over” for you. If you wanted to play again, you have to hit “New game” again.  Uphill Rush 10

This game will actually teach you strategy and patience. At first you will just play with it, but as the game progresses you will feel like being hooked to the game somehow. This will be enjoyed by all ages, especially by kids because of the characters that will amuse them while playing basketball.
It’s a kind of an online game that will make you think about how and where the ball will come from. The long range shoot will also pressure you because more often than not it will become a miss shot. It can also be boring as you get used to the game, but it’s one of the games that will relax you and at the same time challenge you in a relaxing and fun way.
You will feel like a child again while playing this free online game, but then again it will still make you think what difference does each group makes from one another, since you can click on any team country, however, it would still be best for you to figure out their differences. It will surprise you and will challenge you more. No matter how many times you play the game over and over again, it’s the learning that you gained while playing it is what is important. Age of War 5 

World Basketball Championship

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Uphill Rush 10, like nine previous version, is an extreme racing game full of amazing stunts, colorful graphics, and fast paced excitement. The object of the game is to complete each map to complete each Cup. By you complete each cup, you can earn a lot of money and prizes! Uphill Rush 6

  • Arrow up – accelerate
  • Arrow down – reverse
  • Arrow left – lean back
  • Arrow right – lean forward
  • Space bar – jump and perform stunts
  • “X” key – activate turbo
  • “M” key – toggle map on or off
  • “P” key – pause game
  • Age of War 4 
You can also customize your controls to suit your preferences.
New features

Uphill Rush 10 comes packed with 18 maps and 6 cups. In addition to more maps and cups, there are also new outfits and vehicles available in the Game Shop, as well as a brand new feature! Now, you can use the in-game money you collect and earn by completing maps and cups to purchase power-ups! Instead of having to perform many stunts to fill up your turbo bar, you can now purchase turbo in the game shop! There are three varieties of turbo to select Little Boost, Oh Yeah! Boost, and Holy Cow! Boost. Age of War 2 
Additionally, you can link your game to your Facebook account to invite and challenge your friends in the Race Cups!

Uphill Rush 10

By : Regina Hilary
Monday, April 18, 2016
Uphill Rush 6 is one of the newest members of the Uphill Rush games family. It features action packed adventures! Ride a motorcycle, bicycle, horse, or jet skis through the maps obstacle courses to the finish line. 

How easily you can play:
You should use the following keyboard for faster:
Up arrow - accelerate
Down arrow - reverse
Arrow left - backrest
Right Arrow - lean forward
Space bar - jump and perform stunts
"M" key - switch on or off the map
"P" key - pause the game
You can also customize your main options to suit your preferences.
Uphill Rush 6 with 10 maps for you to play and complete. Map 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and be dedicated to "test of time. Map 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 are for racing against the computer. In addition to increasing the number of copies toys to play, there are also bonus rounds as well as a "race your friends' events.
Money games
Collect coins in each game map to earn money to buy better cars and costumes! Thank you for participating in this application.

Bonus Rounds
There are two bonus rounds available. To unlock the first bonus round, you must complete maps 1, 3, and 5. To unlock the second bonus round, you must complete maps 2, 4, and 6. Beating each bonus round unlocks an additional vehicle you can use in the next set of maps.
Race Your Friends Event
The “Race Your Friends Event” allows you to invite your Facebook friend to play Uphill Rush 5, and challenge them to a head-to-head race to see who is better! After all, it’s not much of a game unless someone can lose, right?
You can fully customize your character (racer). You choose the racers gender, his outfit, and even the color of his outfit! Many of the outfits are locked, though, and can only be unlocked by collecting game money and completing maps.
There are many vehicle options to select in Uphill Rush 6. Some examples include:

  • Speed boats
  • Sail boats
  • Water tubes
  • Skateboards
  • Bicycles
  • Motorcycles
  • Dirt bikes
  • Ponies
  • Turtles
  • And much more
All vehicles are customizable – you can change their colors!

You start out with five lives per level. However, if you are good, and you get a high enough score, you can earn an extra life!
Recommended Age
Children ages 6 and up will enjoy playing Uphill Rush 6! Don’t worry parents; this game does not involve any violence or bad language.

Uphill Rush 6

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Uphill Rush 5 is based on the same extreme racing concepts as the previous 4 versions of Uphill Rush; though, there are some differences.
Much like the previous versions, the default keys are the same.

However, you can still customize options to suit your preferences.
There are 6 maps to beat on Uphill Rush 5. Map 1, 3 and 5, is reserved for the "Time Trial". Map 2, 4, 6 and allows racing against the computer. However, the map is locked at 5 and 6 first. To unlock the fifth map, you must complete the maps 1 and 3 on Easy mode. To unlock the map 6, you must complete the map 2 and 4 modes easily.

Also, you still have to complete the easy mode on all maps to unlock the normal mode.
However, the main difference between Uphill Rush 5 and 4 versions before it comes to the gravity map vs the great features:
  1. There are only 2 rounds as opposed to 3 to complete each map.
  2.  Background graphics (place setting) for the races are different than those on previous versions).

You can select what gender you want your racer to be, as well as choose outfits and customize his/her outfits by changing the colors. However, many of the outfits need to be unlocked. To unlock them, earn in-game money by playing and completing maps.

There are many vehicles you can choose to use for each map type. Most of the vehicles are locked, however. You can unlock them by earning in-game money from playing the maps, and then use that money to purchase additional vehicles.
You can also customize the appearance of your vehicles colors.

Examples of the vehicles you can choose from ar

Uphill Rush 5 offers more lives at the start of each map level than the previous versions did. In this game, you have 9 lives to use.

We were only able to find one cheat available for Uphill Rush 5 – one website offers all upgrades for free.
One tip we noticed was, by leaning forward (pressing the right arrow key); you can make your racer move a little faster. This, however, does not make him/her go nearly as fast as the turbo does.

Uphill Rush 5

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Moto X Mayhem reached the  1 Paid App worldwide and has been a Top 5 Racing game for over a year! Extreme Road Trip

Use accelerometer technology to balance your motorbike as you climb and fly over huge jumps! 
TIPS: Tank Trouble
• Losing a life adds 1 second to your overall time. So stay on the bike to achieve your best time!
• Keep your rear tire on the ground to go fast.
• Lean forward to climb hills well.
• The timer doesn't start until you hit the gas or brake!
• Use your finger to grab the rider and toss him around the map when you're on or off the bike.
• Need to exit in the middle of an island? We'll save your game for you to continue next time you load.
• Find the About screen and tap the helmet for different player colors and looks!
• Watch playthrough's at
"I truly enjoyed the game. Both graphics and sound were well developed. The physics involved in the gameplay was right on the money."
Main function:

• Fun rag doll physics. Tank Trouble 3
• Working bike shocks.
• Accelerometer leaning controls your rider's position ban.that great for relaxation and recreation.
• Fun and difficult terrain khan.that great for relaxation and entertainment. AGE OF WAR 6

• Feeling great tot.that graphics for relaxation and entertainment
• nghien.that causing great gameplay for relaxation and entertainment
• Online scoreboard me.that great strengths for relaxation and entertainment
• Share your time with your friends! Thank you because you have access to this app.
Enjoy realistic physics as your shocks shock when you land or your rider bounces around when you crash do.that great for relaxation and entertaining motocross riders Competition is the fastest in powerful boards worldwide interesting and attractive gioi.that

Moto X Mayhem Lite

By : Regina Hilary
Sunday, April 17, 2016
The objective of the game is to get as much as possible on a limited reserve of gas. You will not increase gas consumption when so doing stunts will go away by bán.that great for relaxation and recreation Although it can also make Prize Claw    you crash ... such is the game chơi.thật great for relaxation and entertainment  The game has great music by Magnus "SoulEye" Pålsson  and is frequently updated with more of dung.that great for relaxation and entertainmen
It's just pure, plain fun. And its free. You should download it now, unless you hate having fun.
our gas pedal is very difficult! Tilt your car to keep it rolling and exciting nhay.that for relaxation and recreation Do stunts to get nitro increase so you can do more stunts to get more great increase nitro.that for relaxation and recreation it's fun, it's fast and it's free, so you can start it right now
* Extremely addictive gameplay
* Explosive great satisfaction
* Earwormy music that will not exit your head

* Flips, wheelies and extreme aerial stunts Gold Miner
* A choice between nine unique cars, five unique bikes and six unique trucks with different properties
* Drive in six locations
* Game Center Achievements and Leaderboards
* Universal 
* Free

Extreme Road Trip

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 Prize Claw recreate that experience happiness for women and men of all ages - no trips to the casino to play the slots needed - on your iPhone while adding many exciting new features Breeding Guide for DragonVale

  Tank Trouble       Step up to the machine and maneuver the claw to grab coins, gems, a stuffed animal, cars, dolls, and much more! This game is much more than the standard grabbing you get from arcade crane machine, however: Prize Claw is filled with all sorts of unique items, powerful effects and challenging task. Special gems grant an effect to enhance the power of your collection, and you can trade the prizes you collect for extra special bonuses. The prize is not the only thing you can trade in: the coins you collect can be spent to upgrade your claw, activate new powers, and even customize your machine! If you run out of grabs, do not fret! It will not take long before you receive more. Check back to complete your collection, increase your skills with the simple installation, achieve a higher level, and unlock more things! 

  Unfair Mario     In recent years, you've been going to the arcade, carnival, or theme park, trading cash for the chance to grab toys and candy with a motorized claw. Claw games are filled with tense moments of the campaign crane into place, wondering if you are lucky enough to get a toy, with the triumph of your prize bypass slot!
Excel with the following features:
• More than 60 prizes to collect - toy cars, a stuffed mouse, and more!
• Multiple machines to play on with different prizes, powers and looks!
• A special puzzle to complete for each machine! Please join this wonderful applications

Stay tuned for future updates!

Prize Claw is also available on the iPad!

Prize Claw

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     Sports Smash   I love this app, and I use it on a daily basis. The dates for new dragons are done extremely quickly compared to other apps I have tried, often before I even see the new dragon on Dragonvale. There is one major short coming, though. 

  Age of War 2     The majority of the fun extra features that make this app so special are only available to people who choose to use Facebook. Without a Facebook account, you will not be able to post in any of the chats/forums, ask for friends, or report a certain egg is in your co-op cave. Still, it is well worth it as a place to keep your inventory and check out breeding options, you will at least be able to read the posts. An astute user will also find Game Center ID listings and be able to request a friend through that app, a ploy that has succeeded for me several times.

I love the app a lot; it has great features and is extremely helpful. Although, I have always wanted to know the percentage of chance to breed. Yes, I know it says that some places, but I mean in the breeding simulator.

  Happy Wheels  I know this may be difficult but sometimes I want an epic dragon and a combo which gives me a good chance to get at least one the possible dragons in that outcome I don't have. I CAN go into the breeding options and see the percentage but I would have to continue scrolling through the ENTIRE thing! I want to know the chance of me getting each dragon without needing to go on a scavenger hunt trying to find the EXACT combination for the platinum and gold which is tedious since there are so many! I love the app, I really do, but having the chance for a dragon in the simulator would make it so much easier. Also, it would be great in the breeding simulator if you could have some mark for which I do or do not have because once you get to above 140 dragons it gets difficult to keep track. Thank you for reading! Also, this is a great app so if you are reading this and wondering if to get it, it is phenomenal and extremely useful.

I would like   Tank Trouble   to see them add additional inventory lists for twin dragons and pedestals, and perhaps a way to look up dragons based on breeding time.

A Must if you play Dragonvale 

I cannot do without this amazing app. They are very good with updating their information in a timely manner and give endless combinations to breed your dragons, not to mention great graphics to show pictures of all of the dragons in all stages of growth, and the eggs.

Breeding Guide for DragonVale

By : Regina Hilary
Thursday, April 14, 2016
Sports Smash  is a fun and challenging puzzle game that helps develop good observation and quick-reaction skills. It is similar to the famous Bejewelled II game.

    Age of War     Align 3 or more identical sports balls (football, basketball, baseball, etc…) horizontally or vertically for them to disappear as quickly as possible. You have a limited time of 5 minutes to complete the task and achieve a high score. Good luck!
Pandaf Golf: This simple yet addicting game is not another online golf game where you have to simply target your ball into a hole. Your aim is an area where the hole with the flag is. Yes, seems not much accuracy is needed – just get the ball near the hole and that is it.
However that is just the first impression on the first 20 levels. Just to warm you up. You have to get your ball moving the right path/angle by using a point on the radar. The accuracy with which you choose this point, determines the accuracy of your shot.

   Age of War 3   : Use your computer mouse to switch 2 adjacent sports balls by clicking on each of them. When you place 3 or more identical balls in a line, they will disappear from the game screen. Align as many sports balls as you can within the time given. The timer is located on the left side of the screen.
 You can see a little radar area around the ball and determine the shot angle and strength by pointing your mouse in a selected area within the radar (the small area around the ball). Simply click and the ball is going that way. There are some 100 levels on the game, each with its own puzzle to solve; how to shoot your ball and get it near the hole.

Sports Smash

By : Regina Hilary
Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Play a fun interactive, analytical thinking puzzle game: Transform red-colored balls to orange with sharp aiming skill, accurate collisions and skillfully-managed ricochets! Clash It is a multi-level, physics-based puzzle and billiard-style, arcade skill game for little kids through high school teens and adults where you must launch an orange ball around a confined game screen, and try to make sure it comes into contact with (and transfers its color to) the awkwardly-positioned red balls. Your goal is to transform all red balls to orange within a set number of launching ‘shots’.Earn to Die 
Reasons to play this challenging, collision-based mouse control game: Test and exercise your analytical thinking skills, visual awareness, prediction skills, angle judgement and accuracy as you attempt to carefully and skillfully guide the orange ball toward successful collisions with the target red balls. Unleash the power of your problem-solving mind as you deal with increasingly-difficult levels, tricky target ball placement, and wacky obstacles.
Strategy to win: Trial and error is really important here! You must learn from your mistakes and try to alter your shot power and angle accordingly. Many of the prediction, precision and deftness skills required for table games such as pool and snooker come into play. You must play ‘carom’ and ‘billiard’ type shots where you ricochet the orange ball off of one or more target balls.

How to Play: A cool, Flash-based, aiming and accuracy puzzle, mouse-only game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). In each of the 75 different levels, your goal is to transform all of the red balls on the game screen to orange. To do this, you must ‘clash’ the orange ball(s) with the red ones, permanently changing the color from red to orange. You only have a set number of ‘shots’ to do this, as indicated in the top right corner of the play area.
There are 60 main levels (20 Easy, 20 Moderate, and 20 Expert), and 10 Bonus levels in total. For first-time players, we recommend that you play the five ‘Tutorial’ levels before starting the main levels. To execute a shot, Left Click on the orange ball, and drag your mouse cursor in the opposite direction to where you want the orange ball to go. The further you drag the cursor away, the more powerful the shot. Release the click to launch the orange ball.
In later levels, you must deal with tricky obstacles such as ‘death balls’, teleport devices, shrinking balls, and other challenging objects. Enjoy the accuracy challenge!

Clash It

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Vertigolf 2 is the new version of a stand alone “Shockwave 3D” game based on “Crazy Golf” or “Mini Golf”. The game simulates the physics and dynamics of real crazy golf giving it a very addicting quality which will make you play this game again and again. Vertigolf 2 has some new interesting levels.
How to play: Left click on your mouse and hold the button. Then use your mouse to aim at a right angle vertically and horizontally. Once you are ready – press the spacebar key on your keyboard and hold. The longer you hold, the more power that is used on the swing. Release the spacebar key and the golf club will hit the golf ball.

FREE Download PC/Windows Enhanced graphics and game play, a must try! Play offline any time. Download
Get The Full Unlimited Version.
This awesome, in-depth brain teaser with a cool ambiance and background sound features 100 amazing levels – that’s right, ONE HUNDRED! It’s a truly addicting problem solving activity that does require a little basic understanding of gravity as you have to carefully judge the correct path for your ball. Even an angle change of just one degree can dramatically alter your fortunes! Great patience, good judgment, pinpoint accuracy, and an unwavering determination and nerve are all extremely important attributes to have in your space locker here. There is plenty of trial and error required with so many levels to attempt! Ok Gravity Master, let’s put those brain skills to work!

Vertigolf 2

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  Epic Battle Fantasy: Adventure Story  is known as Rockman in Japan and is a series of video games from Capcom with the Mega Man character starring in them. This is a different version of MegaMan. It is a combination of Megaman video game and Ikagura. 

  Age of War 3     Thus you may find some elements from both games. There are five stages for you to complete. You will be given a brief overview and an objective at the beginning of each stage.
MegaMan has various weapons and a shield. When your shield is blue, you fire blue energy. You absorb all blue energy fired at you, but you are vulnerable to red energy and physical weapons. Firing blue energy at an enemy that fires red energy exclusively will damage that enemy more than blue one. The opposite happens when your shield is red. Control the MegaMan and have a lot of fun!

 Unfair Mario  : Use the Left and Right Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to move MegaMan. The Up Arrow makes him jump and Spacebar enables him to fire. Hold Spacebar after firing to charge Megaman’s Mega Buster. The opacity of the “Charge Gathering” indicates the level that will be fired once you release the Space button. The Shift button is for switching your weapon and shield polarity.

Online MegaMan Polarity Game

By : Regina Hilary
Tuesday, April 12, 2016
  Acceleration Maze   A wide range of different bad guys react to your presence, and try to take Health Points from you. Your heart-shaped Health Bar is located in the top left corner of the game screen. If the points total in the center of the Health Bar falls to zero, it’s game over, and you have to restart the level.

 The easiest way to dispatch bad guys is by using your sword – but you can also use Magic. Hit the D Key to reveal your Magic Menu, scroll through the available spells, and press D again to cast a spell. This causes great damage to any enemies in the vicinity of the spell.     Happy Wheels    You can also assign Magic Spells to the hotkeys Q, W, and E. Collect as many Gold Coins as you can in each level. These can be used to purchase new equipment and new Magic Spells in the Shop at the end of each level.
 is a classic-style RPG adventure platform game where you play the role of a cat-loving pirate who has to navigate through a series of enemy-filled levels to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend. When the evil Captain Black Arrow snatches your pirate’s beloved princess and scarpers back to the Carribean, the young pirate sets off on an epic journey to free the princess and reunite her with the family cat – Whiskers. Armed with a sword and an impressive arsenal of magical abilities, your brave young pirate has to battle his way past ghosts, ghouls, mushrooms, trees that come-to-life, and some otherworldly bad guys on this noble quest.  : In each of the 20 normal platform levels (there are two extra Big Boss levels at the end), your goal is to find your way to your cat who is located at an Exit Portal. There are three or four Portals in each level which are used to warp (be teleported) from one area to another. Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to maneuver your pirate around the game screen. Hit the A Key to jump, and the S key to perform a sword attack. When you reach a Portal (a white beam of light reaching all the way up into the sky), hit the Up Arrow to warp to the next area. When you find the final Portal, hit the Up Arrow to pick up your cat, and progress to the next level.

Epic Battle Fantasy: Adventure Story

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If your ball comes into contact with any of the yellow maze walls, you fail the level. You have an unlimited number of lives, but your progress is timed cumulatively (i.e. your times from each level add up to form your total score). Blob Wars

 Age of War 3     In later levels, there are Teleporters that transport your ball from one area of the maze to another. These Teleporters may not always be friendly, and may send your ball further from the Exit. Your job is to work out which Teleporters are going to give you the best chance of reaching the Exit. Simply roll the ball into a Teleporter to transport it to another area.
Very steady keyboard control is the absolute key to success in this action-packed maze adventure. Your spinning ball generates a great amount of momentum when you accelerate in any direction, making it quite difficult to stop the ball from coming into contact with the sides of the maze. As well as quick reactions and good response time, you have to engineer a solution that gets your ball through some intricate teleporter systems in later levels. If you successfully navigate through all mazes here, you can truly class yourself among the maze busting Elite!

 Happy Wheels   : In each of the 15 progressively difficult levels, your goal is to guide your spinning barrel-shaped orb (flaming ball) to the blue Exit Portal. Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control your orb. As the object is round, you can roll it in any direction – but be careful, even the slightest movement sends the flaming ball accelerating quickly (hence the name: Acceleration Maze). In early levels, the Exit Portal (marked with a flashing blue center), is close by and relatively easy to reach. However, in later levels, the Exit is positioned far away from your ball at the start.
Here is a maze-based game that not only challenges your reflexes and dexterous skill, but also your ability to remain cool under intense pressure!  is a very challenging, arcade-style maze game for older kids, teens and grownups where you have to guide a very slippery and tough-to-control spinning ball-like orb through a series of increasingly complex mazes. Featuring a lightning-quick, momentum-based ball, some of the narrowest puzzles we’ve seen to date, and some truly complicated teleporter patterns, this might well be one of the best tests in online maze navigation!

Acceleration Maze

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