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If your ball comes into contact with any of the yellow maze walls, you fail the level. You have an unlimited number of lives, but your progress is timed cumulatively (i.e. your times from each level add up to form your total score). Blob Wars

 Age of War 3     In later levels, there are Teleporters that transport your ball from one area of the maze to another. These Teleporters may not always be friendly, and may send your ball further from the Exit. Your job is to work out which Teleporters are going to give you the best chance of reaching the Exit. Simply roll the ball into a Teleporter to transport it to another area.
Very steady keyboard control is the absolute key to success in this action-packed maze adventure. Your spinning ball generates a great amount of momentum when you accelerate in any direction, making it quite difficult to stop the ball from coming into contact with the sides of the maze. As well as quick reactions and good response time, you have to engineer a solution that gets your ball through some intricate teleporter systems in later levels. If you successfully navigate through all mazes here, you can truly class yourself among the maze busting Elite!

 Happy Wheels   : In each of the 15 progressively difficult levels, your goal is to guide your spinning barrel-shaped orb (flaming ball) to the blue Exit Portal. Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control your orb. As the object is round, you can roll it in any direction – but be careful, even the slightest movement sends the flaming ball accelerating quickly (hence the name: Acceleration Maze). In early levels, the Exit Portal (marked with a flashing blue center), is close by and relatively easy to reach. However, in later levels, the Exit is positioned far away from your ball at the start.
Here is a maze-based game that not only challenges your reflexes and dexterous skill, but also your ability to remain cool under intense pressure!  is a very challenging, arcade-style maze game for older kids, teens and grownups where you have to guide a very slippery and tough-to-control spinning ball-like orb through a series of increasingly complex mazes. Featuring a lightning-quick, momentum-based ball, some of the narrowest puzzles we’ve seen to date, and some truly complicated teleporter patterns, this might well be one of the best tests in online maze navigation!

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