Posted by : Regina Hilary Thursday, April 14, 2016

     Sports Smash   I love this app, and I use it on a daily basis. The dates for new dragons are done extremely quickly compared to other apps I have tried, often before I even see the new dragon on Dragonvale. There is one major short coming, though. 

  Age of War 2     The majority of the fun extra features that make this app so special are only available to people who choose to use Facebook. Without a Facebook account, you will not be able to post in any of the chats/forums, ask for friends, or report a certain egg is in your co-op cave. Still, it is well worth it as a place to keep your inventory and check out breeding options, you will at least be able to read the posts. An astute user will also find Game Center ID listings and be able to request a friend through that app, a ploy that has succeeded for me several times.

I love the app a lot; it has great features and is extremely helpful. Although, I have always wanted to know the percentage of chance to breed. Yes, I know it says that some places, but I mean in the breeding simulator.

  Happy Wheels  I know this may be difficult but sometimes I want an epic dragon and a combo which gives me a good chance to get at least one the possible dragons in that outcome I don't have. I CAN go into the breeding options and see the percentage but I would have to continue scrolling through the ENTIRE thing! I want to know the chance of me getting each dragon without needing to go on a scavenger hunt trying to find the EXACT combination for the platinum and gold which is tedious since there are so many! I love the app, I really do, but having the chance for a dragon in the simulator would make it so much easier. Also, it would be great in the breeding simulator if you could have some mark for which I do or do not have because once you get to above 140 dragons it gets difficult to keep track. Thank you for reading! Also, this is a great app so if you are reading this and wondering if to get it, it is phenomenal and extremely useful.

I would like   Tank Trouble   to see them add additional inventory lists for twin dragons and pedestals, and perhaps a way to look up dragons based on breeding time.

A Must if you play Dragonvale 

I cannot do without this amazing app. They are very good with updating their information in a timely manner and give endless combinations to breed your dragons, not to mention great graphics to show pictures of all of the dragons in all stages of growth, and the eggs.

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