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  Acceleration Maze   A wide range of different bad guys react to your presence, and try to take Health Points from you. Your heart-shaped Health Bar is located in the top left corner of the game screen. If the points total in the center of the Health Bar falls to zero, it’s game over, and you have to restart the level.

 The easiest way to dispatch bad guys is by using your sword – but you can also use Magic. Hit the D Key to reveal your Magic Menu, scroll through the available spells, and press D again to cast a spell. This causes great damage to any enemies in the vicinity of the spell.     Happy Wheels    You can also assign Magic Spells to the hotkeys Q, W, and E. Collect as many Gold Coins as you can in each level. These can be used to purchase new equipment and new Magic Spells in the Shop at the end of each level.
 is a classic-style RPG adventure platform game where you play the role of a cat-loving pirate who has to navigate through a series of enemy-filled levels to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend. When the evil Captain Black Arrow snatches your pirate’s beloved princess and scarpers back to the Carribean, the young pirate sets off on an epic journey to free the princess and reunite her with the family cat – Whiskers. Armed with a sword and an impressive arsenal of magical abilities, your brave young pirate has to battle his way past ghosts, ghouls, mushrooms, trees that come-to-life, and some otherworldly bad guys on this noble quest.  : In each of the 20 normal platform levels (there are two extra Big Boss levels at the end), your goal is to find your way to your cat who is located at an Exit Portal. There are three or four Portals in each level which are used to warp (be teleported) from one area to another. Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to maneuver your pirate around the game screen. Hit the A Key to jump, and the S key to perform a sword attack. When you reach a Portal (a white beam of light reaching all the way up into the sky), hit the Up Arrow to warp to the next area. When you find the final Portal, hit the Up Arrow to pick up your cat, and progress to the next level.

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