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In racing category shoot the zombies every unique on the Mobile, the roads, the trees or the blood thirsty zombie hordes, Dead ... in the Venture are showing up with mantle cartoony graphics. Engaged in this adventure, the player the freedom to drive that run across the ragged zombie on the rolling or the use of the heavy guns mounted on vehicles discharge bullets on them. Next to it is the Mission of helping people survive paucity to be a safe haven-a military base on the islands off the coast. Earn to die 5

To be able to complete the task are entrusted in the Dead Venture, players need to control the vehicle an cleverly his weapon to survive before the siege of the middle class to define the class of landing safely. This mobile game allowing players to speed modern weapons from machine guns, cannons to Tasers, damage ... Each category has a separate characteristic and strength suitable for each situation. Earn to die 6
Dead Venture brings many different play mode from single-player with 8 chapters the story until challenges by mode or survival mode Hunter extreme fun. After each task is completed, the player will be rewarded with money to gradually upgrade the drivers of the same weapons systems that promote its leaders. All promises will always bring new for any gamer would when tried over Dead Venture.
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