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This light-hearted yet very tricky jumping activity requires quick reactions and nifty finger-work as you have to ensure that Santa doesn’t fall off any of the slippery ledges. Ho-ho-hopefully Santa can collect and delivery all the gifts before all the little children wake up! Good luck! our World

  Happy Wheels : Ice-covered platforms descend from the top of the game screen. Santa has to leap from one to the next, ensuring that he doesn’t fall off, or get carried all the way to the bottom. If he does, it’s game over. Use the Left & Right Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to move Santa quickly from side to side, and hit Spacebar to jump. Score points for each gift that you collect. Each level is timed – you progress to the next level if Santa is still going when the timer (located in the top left corner) runs out. Survive, and score as many points as you can to leap up that leaderboard.

   Gold Miner    Are you ready to help other children enjoy a Happy Holiday Season? Would you like to become Santa’s Little Helper for the day, and help him gather up a bunch of gifts that were dropped from his sleigh in the last minute dash away from the North Pole on Christmas Eve?    is a straight-forward, fun, skill-based game for young kids where you have to help poor Santa to collect a load of festive gifts (important presents) by jumping from ledge to ledge as they descend toward the ground. Santa needs to gather up as many of the loose gifts as he can before he embarks on his journey to visit the good boys and girls that are eagerly awaiting their big surprises! The only problem is – the gifts are all located on fast-descending icy platforms, and Santa has to carefully leap from one to the other to collect them!

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